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psychological projections (Songs)

"If you want to know your thoughts of yesterday
watch your body today
If you want to know how you will be tomorrow
observes the Your thoughts today "

[Franco Battiato; The endless journey
; Ironwork; 2001]

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Stores That Sell Minnetonka Moccasins

Niner Bike Test 2011!

We are still in 2010 but has already thrown Garage KK in 2011 dedicated to bikes that are changing the way the world bicycle ride.
exclusively by KK Garage, all for you, without obligation to try two test bike marked Niner, the famous 29 " that seem to be the future of cross country.
Who 'has already proven, as Localove, is enthusiastic and this article is of Marietta who has proven an exclusive basis.
Who has not tried yet but that seems ready for a future 29-inch Sandropan however, that yesterday, the store has seen this little gem and I was delighted.
And you, what you still going to wait?

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Vw Sand Rail Electrical Diagram

ideas for a sidereal astrological portrait: Umberto Eco (Reflections)

This post is supposed to be a starting point for
a more detailed study, however, some evidence
resulting from the first glance
very clear.
In line with the study the theme of sidereal
Enzo Ferrari , I would like to highlight how the theme
Sidereal obtained by the retrograde
(ayanamsa) the significant
tropical theme (planets and house cusps) ,
better suit the
psychosomatic biography and character of the subject.
Without fully erect its theme
Sidereal I will refer to that
Tropic , calculated on Astrotheme
and detailed below, and
under it, in turn, will report
back on virtually Zodiac
the item in question, calculating it for the real
Longitude Astronomical-Astrological as
a time;).

Umberto Eco: January 5, 1932 at 18:30
Alessandria (Italy)

The ayanamsa for the year 1932 is: - 23 ° 47 '
(for our calculations approximately - 24 °)

LEGEND associations
colors to the Planets / Zodiac Signs:
= Red Mars (Scorpio)
Viola = Pluto (Scorpio)
Celeste = Jupiter = Venus
Yellow = Blue Mercury
= Uranus (Aquarius)

values \u200b\u200bof Sun in House VI :

As regards this item, we can say as
Umberto Eco, at least as reflected in
his novels and essays, these are very
analytical, descriptive and critical .
Just think of the endless and meticulous descriptions of Botany
present in "The
name of the rose," but I would say that every novel
We have always some kind of encyclopedic range
in some field of knowledge
particular, the latest one, to
example, is titled "Vertigo list.
His essays on semiotics, then, are by definition
" critical essays, in which refines and applies
method with the insight and analysis tool

the particular object of study that is the subject of research
see as an example the collection of essays "
literature ).
The bulk of its cultural production,
finally, depicts him as a
large and prolific worker

[He has conducted investigations in several directions:
on the history of aesthetics, the avant-garde poetry
on mass communications,
on consumer culture, etc. ......
its production
essay appears, therefore, extremely varied and wide
] [1]

In all cases, I do not dwell too much on the symbolism
as it does not change with changing the reference
Zodiac (Tropico or sidereal).

The values \u200b\u200bof ' Ascendant in Cancer (9 °) :

First we see in his features those of somatic
The face tends to round
just squared
the influence of the Moon in Scorpio,

and fluid retention
. Eco
generally tends to fatness - I understand that it is also
a gourmet food and wine and a member of
brotherhoods - this also helped
in the Sun from Sagittarius and Jupiter
straddling the cusp of the second field.

Then, another feature typical Cancerian
-Moon is

interest and passion for the past and history
, which are present, despite a
Uranus culminating
all the cultural and literary excursus Eco.
interest that comes at the start of his university studies

[became interested in philosophy and medieval
culture, passion
never abandoned (see the volume from the tree to the labyrinth
)] [2]

And that goes up to his success as
narrator, writer of novels

mostly historical and very popular
the great popularity

is another feature that shows the moon and the sign of Cancer. On the other hand
great writers, think
Proust must
something to the values \u200b\u200bof their Lunar
chart (for accuracy, Proust was a Gemini
Sidereal, but with the Sun and Jupiter in
IV and the Moon in House I) .

[In 1980 he made his debut in fiction.
His first novel, The Name of the Rose,
a sort of "gothic novel" with erudite references

medievalists, found a great success both at
criticism from the public, so
to become a best
-seller translated into international languages \u200b\u200bforty-four] [2] Still in the semantic field

the sign of
Canco and its ruler planet, the Moon
falls the archetype of the "mass "
of people, what is primarily
typical of large classes of the population, and Eco also
this he worked and how.
Think about the fact that one of his essays on semiotics
most popular bears
Title: "Phenomenology of Mike Bongiorno.

[subsequently devoted himself to the study of semiotic
contemporary popular culture
] [2]

The values \u200b\u200bof the Sun in Sagittarius (20 °) :

How can we not see as a perfect

symbolic correspondence exists between the biography and career of Echo and the sign of Sagittarius
, rather than that, much more partial
(for affinity Saturn
with the depth of the studies), between
the same sun sign and the Tropic of Capricorn
Eco Degree in Philosophy in the Gotha
discipline (with Pareyson in Turin), and over
to be a "philosopher" to all intents and
for life, is a great intellectual

of Italian culture, passionate,
refined and snob like any good scholar.

[ degree in philosophy at the University of Turin in 1954 with Luigi
with a thesis on the aesthetics of Thomas Aquinas
became interested in philosophy and medieval culture] [2]

critic, essayist, writer and internationally renowned semiology
...][ 1]

And the link with the Sagittarius

religion and the Church
? As a young man, when his still
idealism prevailed over realism and critical
Scorpionica more mature (See following paragraphs
) Umberto Eco undertook
strongly in the student movement of Catholic

[Eco in his youth he was engaged in GIAC ,
then the youth branch of Catholic Action:
in the early fifties was called

among the national leaders of the student movement
AC] [2 ]

And if Sagittarius is the sign

higher education and its institutions
in this area, Eco has made a career

[In 1961 he also began his

career that led him to take courses in
as a lecturer in

several Italian universities
: Turin, Milan, Florence
and, finally, Bologna ......... . Bologna was
Director of Communications and Dams
show, then began to
Degree in Communication Sciences
. Finally, it is now
President of the Higher School of Humanities Sciences

that coordinates the activities of the humanities doctorates Bolognese] [2]

not forget the supra
the Ninth sign and its references to
abroad in general. So, its
activities are not confined to national borders
, but he's pushed much further.

[Over the years he has also taught

in various foreign universities including Yale,
Columbia University, New York University,
Collège de France] [2]

[ has been awarded many honorary titles
from the universities around the world, from which
took different courses. Since 1989 he has
president of the International Center for Semiotic
and Cognitive Studies, and since 1994 has

honorary president of the International Association for Semiotic Studies
] [1]

[On October 14, 2003, Umberto Eco was

awarded by the President of France, Jacques Chirac, the
official title of the Legion d'Honneur ] [1] As

his literary debut has assumed the character Jupiter

cultural impressions of success and

[His first novel, The Name of the Rose,
a sort of "gothic novel" with

erudite references
medievalists, found
a great success both with the critics that at
the public, becoming a

international bestseller translated into languages \u200b\u200bforty-four
] [2]

values \u200b\u200bof
Moon (21 °) and Mercury (27 °) in Scorpio

As for the influence of these two planets
by the sign of Scorpio
biography of Umberto Eco, I want to focus
's attention to their political symbolism.
The interest and passion for politics
are a typical feature of the sign, Most
title when they are involved and the mental
ideas (Mercury) and the instinctive emotion
collective unconscious (Moon).

When it comes to values \u200b\u200bScorpio
immediately to mind are extremism, radical positions
you agree to Mars, the planet's
Governor. Pluto, the other his
Governor, as is already the most ambiguous and
Machiavellian, often pushes the subject
to positions close to the authorities.
We will then, depending on the dynamics and
prevalence of one or the planet,

a revolutionary subject tend

or a decidedly reactionary.

In the case of Echo, his political history after the period

student speaks clearly and makes us favor

a position antagonistic to the status quo and cross

revolutionary (though, again, has
condemned the logic of armed struggle).
On the other hand, in the '70s was not very clear where he was going
"power", if
in the building or into squares, then Eco
moves on a ground array eminently ambiguous

[In 1971 he was among the 757 signatories of the letter
L'Espresso to open the case
signed in the same year
Autodenuncia of the Lotta Continua
solidarity, in which a
fifty signatories expressed solidarity with the militants

directors and executives of the newspaper
investigated for incitement to commit a crime] [2]

[the weapon that has characterized
political commitment
Eco has become

critical analysis of political discourse and mass communication
.... This commitment is summarized
in the metaphor of the semiotic guerrilla

where he claims that it is not so important to change the content of

messages to the source but try to animate
their analysis where they come .....
In this sense, the semiotic guerrilla warfare is a form of

social criticism through education received] [2]

[His book A step of shrimp (2006) contains
criticism of what he defines populism
Berlusconi, Bush's policy to
, the so-called clash of races and religions
] [2]

not forget, finally, noir vein
dyeing and Scorpio that, according
me in a non-incidental, Eco
has chosen for his literary debut.
He has in fact started his career as a novelist with
a yellow
gloomy and mysterious, full of references to

metaphysics and the struggle between Good and Evil
, and set
in '
darkest period of history, The Middle Ages

[In 1980 he made his debut in fiction.
His first novel, The Name of the Rose,
a sort of gothic novel "with erudite references
medievalists ...][ 2]

Other relevant aspects horoscopic :

The Midheaven Uranus joint exhibition
Instead, the focus of more mature Eco
the vanguard of the Arts

subsequently devoted himself to the study of popular culture

of literary and artistic experimentalism
] [2]

[In the sixties he published, in addition to
one of the most important texts for the poetic
open "
(1962 )...][ 1]

[In addition, has been a member of Group 63 ,
revealing a sharp and brilliant theorist] [1]

Venus in House VII
has expressed very well in his biography if you look at his
constant interest Arts and Entertainment
in general, and towards the
theories of communication processes
(Semiotics, Semiology)
in particular.

[.... and, finally, Bologna, where he obtained the chair of
Semiotics in 1975, becoming professor
] [2]

[In Bologna, he was Director of the Institute of Communication and Entertainment
Dams , then began the
Degree in Communication Sciences
] [2]

Well, the short and superficial portrait
ends here. I did not find other resources
biography describing his personality, nor the
I try, so I'm limited to whether
destinal. I want to continue on this road
studying other celebrities. See you soon.

biographical notes on the Web :


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Security Audit Template

Punk Rock Christmas!

Merry Christmas to the world of bikers!

Canon Powershot A640 Webcam

Christmas Osho (Citations)

"Christians have forgotten what is or should be completely
Christmas. And '
become a ritual. It must be a kind of splendor
internal, must be a love of life.
must be a search of the extraordinary in the ordinary
, the overworld in the world.
must be the search for God in nature,
the invisible visible. "

[Osho," I Say unto You ", vol. 2, chap. 9, 8 November 1977]

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Type Of Engineer For Electric Cars

Happy Xmas! Lorenzo


certain nights

It was a wonderful night, a night like maybe there can be only when we are young .

Fedor Dostoevsky

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straight on (Citations)

"Were all religions and all scriptures of the world
to be lost, and
Were there nothing left to us except the starry heavens, the
story of the zodiac and the Significance of the
Various names of the stars found in the different
We Should Be Able to retrace the history of man,
recover the knowledge of Our
goals and learn the mode of the ITS achievement "

" Where all religions and all scriptures
the world were lost, and there was nothing left except
the starry sky,
and the meaning of the names of various stars
placed in different constellations,
we would be able to reconstruct the history of man
, recover
knowledge of our goal and learn the way of his reaching

[Djwhal Khul The Tibetan]

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Size 0 Junior Clothing

Back Home (from "The Chronicles of Sandropan)

I returned home at last.

The operation was successful, although this morning there were moments of panic when I passed out going to the bathroom. Fortunately, I was snapped by a nurse who stopped me before sbattessi face again.

So after a few hours of observation have been discharged and I can sleep tonight in my bed.


Bramati Lorenzo is the message I left on the blog The Chronicles of Sandropan
Force Lorenzo, then, for a speedy recovery and return to the bike as soon as possible. Now we just have to think of Grandpa Arnaldo, hoping soon to see him and Lorenzo together on the race, even stronger than before.

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How Do I Find My Hunter Safety Education


It always takes longer than you think. Even taking into account Hofstadter's Law. Hofstadter's Law

Free Tech Deck Online Games

Archangel Michael of San Luca Giordano (Art)


St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle;
be thou our support against the wickedness and snares of the devil
which God exercises his power over him, we humbly pray you leave
; and thou O Prince of the heavenly army
with the divine power, cast into hell
Satan and other evil spirits who wander the world to lose
souls, Amen


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Gay Pickup Places In Richmond,va

celestial Organization (Citations )

"The more often you can, contact your thinking
to the Angels, Archangels and all the angelic hierarchies,
soak up their virtues, and thus there
enliven, enlighten and enrich your inner world
. At the same time, however, try to remain modest
, knowing that many of those entity will be for a long time
still out of your reach.
started trying to tie you to the saints, at the beginning, the great masters
whose mission is to take care of human beings. Later, you can elevate
even more to try to achieve the
Angels because the Angels are closest to men
listen to them, help them, have something for them. You can also invoke the Archangels
, but do not try to go further.
worlds in infinite space are endless, and
upper hierarchy, who have other things to work
far away in space, are not connected with the
humans. You must know the existence of hierarchies
higher and you can also invoke them, yet knowing that
to get results through prayer and meditation
, you must apply to entities closer to you. "

[Omraam Mikhael Aïvanhov]

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Free Daughter To Father 60th Birthday Speech

Is it still in life? MARATHON FNAC

publish the draft order during Martina Minuto, which we appreciated not only the result of technical and expressive achieved through the photo sequence but also the quality of design and presentation. There seems to be particularly interesting to the viewing of photographs in relation to the backstage pictures that reveal the secrets and skills of realization.


Backstage photography project

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Myelodysplastic Syndrome Survival Rates

The gray bureaucrat

They are what they become a human being when bartering their lives for the existence and the ambition to safety.

Raymond Chandler

Replacement Searing Burner

Drama Borsa

few words for what happened yesterday in Borsano (VA) in the test of the Master Cyclocross Garbo. A few words because we risk falling into banality and you do not ever know what to say.
Lorenzo threw Fabrizio Bramati and are flown in for the top spot of the rookie, threw the first part and long, in the wake, goes to -100 groped for a desperate comeback.
the two arrive on target with his head down and almost in a line at a speed that exceeds 45 hours (particularly anxious that, despite the second place, coming in the last meters faster) and passed the finish line of the Tricolore will Garbagnatese is unable to curb and in front of him is a group of photographers who, despite the recommendations of the speaker until one minute before, are in the wrong place.
anyone can avoid it while the poor Arnaldo Travison is wrong in the middle and the movement are even more overlooked, despite the attempt to dodge Bramati.
The blow was violent, and they both fly to the ground.

in hospital emergency Lorenzo shows the comminuted fracture of the nasal septum and some minor trauma, while Grandpa Arnaldo versa in serious condition at Legnano, where he spent the evening in the operating room and suffered two concussions as well as other trauma to the violent impact. Lorenzo
If we talk about season probably over, unfortunately for Grandpa must Arnaldo hope and hope and hope that everything goes well, given the critical condition also caused by pads that are not habitually taking the blood to clot, and this does not help to stop bleeding.

For more information:

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Cali From I Love Money 2

Regional Championship Cyclocross Lombardo Pioltello

sponsored by the City of Pioltello

Garage KK will be the team to organize the Regional Championship Cyclocross Lombardo, valid for the award of the mesh Regional Champion open to all categories UDACE CSAIN and valid as the last round of the Province of Milan.
The race will take place on January 9, 2011 in Pioltello (Milano), in the hamlet Rugacesio in the House of Onlus "Le Vele", in Rugacesio 9.

Registration will be open from 12 am, and as usual there will be two departures, with categories of the 2nd band that will leave at 13:30 and the 1st band will start at 14.30.
The first race (lasting 40 min. + 1 lap) will see from the Gentlemen, Gentlemen Super A, Super B Gentlemen, the Debutantes, Women A, Women B and the smaller Spring (divided in male and female) who make a 30 minute ride.
In the second race (50 min. + 1 lap) battling Cadet, Junior, Senior and Veterans. The speaker of the event is
Arnaldo Priori, while the rankings are updated by the jury Province of Milan.

Racing numbers are the same as the Master Interregional Garbo - GM Ceramics. "
At 16.00 will be carried out where the awards will be awarded all participants have arrived.
will be awarded in each category on 1 with the mesh Regional Champion, flower and food basket, the 2nd and 3rd classified a food basket, while all other a bottle of champagne.
In several parking locations, a service of pressure washers can also be used during the race and refreshments for runners and spectators.
For more information:

KK Binasco Garage Shop - Tel 02-90096060
Associazione Onlus Le Vele - Tel 02-92162807

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Mid Night Hot Ftv Timings

Egon Schiele We x & comment (Arts & Diary)

Sorry, but the Solar Revolution
Base has started yesterday in the As VIII
House (
I was really missing that little house, I do not have enough of my
?!!!) and a
stellium with Sun and Mars in II.
I think it had to dedicate a

relevant and of good hope (against other possible eventualities
). Yesterday, in fact, I noticed some girls around

very sexy, it will be a chance;)
Happy New Year Paul.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What Are Some Good Yiff Flash

Let's Go to Garbagnate!

Immaculate Garbagnate to all for the test of Cyclocross Trophy Garbo! ( in the photo Massimo Valsesia and garbagnatese Long before the arrival of Bogogno )

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Anti-freeze Patch For Pokemon Soul Silver Us

Stay tuned (Citations)

"The truth expressed in the Bible have been experienced by
exceptional spirits. To understand, you must strive to follow
beings until
regions in which they themselves have managed to rise,
and then enter into their view of things.
to interpret the parables of Jesus, for example, text analysis
is not enough: we need another science,
science of symbols, which may be acquired
only through
the exercise of the powers of the soul and spirit. We understand the sacred texts
only when we are able to vibrate at the same wavelength
of the authors, or the
their language, their true language, we will
stranger. We need to hear what they themselves
have heard, live what they themselves have lived
, which rise up to their level of consciousness
, then, the light will emerge really!
But that level of consciousness can be achieved only if
improve the way we live, where we show
more careful, more respectful of
laws of the spiritual world. "

[Omraam Mikhael Aïvanhov]

Let me add a few words of comment
this text. I firmly believe, and I already
also said that

when we read a text saying "enter", so to speak, "in touch" with the consciousness of the writer
and immortalized in his words .
How could we otherwise understand
really a text, such as Philosophy,
written a thousand years ago. Only through this
connection with his conscience, represented
from his mind, its culture, its
soul and spirit, we can understand
really the meaning of the concepts expressed by
his language, sometimes far in time and shaped by our
and by today's "mindset".
For this reason, it is not indifferent
read the writings of an author rather than another.
be a minor detail, but just as the result of what we
also depends on what we
nourished at the table, so, another important food
is intellectually and spiritually.

Astrologically speaking, then,
enter into relationship with consciousness of another, it means
take - literally - the symbolic values \u200b\u200bof astral
which carries the same
(at least,
me with my joint
codomain of Neptune to the Moon, it happens).
Not for nothing, and not by chance, I try to read texts written by
"mercurial," including efforts to
times. In this way, I try to "take "
that item for which they are most wanted by
birth (although my Mercury
radix is \u200b\u200bin Scorpio, trine Asia, and in aspect to Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter
, remains in House VIII and
is not my strongest star), at least
what is most damaged by
never defeat my illness, CFS.
In fact, the difficulty
concentration and attention is just caused by a weakness
neuronal activity-mental effect, this
insufficient metabolism of mitochondria,
real problem of CFS, which affects neurons
like any other cell.
Now, as the neurons are the cells of our body
more related to Mercury,
strengthen them in this way, I noticed that helps me a lot.
to say, that I care ....
second reading and the ancient principle: "treat like with like."

So, I think, in the words and concepts are petrified
symbols - ultimately forms of energy
- Which can remain dormant in
forever, but can also be quickened in
a moment to glance a reader
puts them in the light of his conscience

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Rosetta Stone .rsd Files

"The Passion of the Christ" by Carmen White (Art)

A beautiful painting of a young artist
To see more, click below: opera / IDE: 70965 /

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What Kind Of Hair Does Rhianna Use

won by Giuseppe CEREDA

We are very happy to announce that Giuseppe Cereda, who attended the PEPE photography, and has recently set out in the collective devoted to a selection of students, has just won the first prize in the marathon organized by the FNAC photo of Turin. Below we publish the winning shot, by which Joseph was intended to relate the different "eras" of our city, with a judicious use of appropriate lenses and diaphragms.